The Two Headed Monster

Every journey begins with one step. 

You may have a long  journey planned. 

You may have a big project in mind or dream in your heart. 

The whole thing could be compromised by doubt, sabotaged by fear. 

We can be convinced it’s a God plan 

but paralysed to start because of self doubt. 

Eleven disciples stayed in the boat. 

Peter got out of it. 

The whole Israelite army shuddered at the sabre rattling Philistines. 

David faced Goliath. 

What was the difference? 

David knew his  covenant  and was certain of the outcome. 

He faced a one headed monster and finished the job. 

Peter faced a two headed monster and only had partial success.

He overcame the doubt but fear overcame him. 

Peter is a lesson in starting. 

David a lesson finishing. 

David neither doubted nor feared.

Matthew 14:22-31 / 1 Sam. 17

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5 Responses to The Two Headed Monster

  1. Jay BArton says:

    But Peter was still learning who Jesus was and what He was capable of. David knew his God very well and knew what his own strength and abilities were. He had complete trust in his God and complete trust in himself. Peter was still learning about Jesus and about himself and those with him were clinging to the boat! I’m very fond of Peter. I’m still learning.

  2. Kenny Weston says:

    Thank you for your web-letter. Both David and Peter had the same cut with Elohim Adonia? David did not deny His spiritual Master Adonai when the messenger of satan attacked, his anointing saw his God – The God of Israel far greater and bigger than the demon inside of Goliath hallelujah!
    Peter saw the demonic spirit inside himself, far bigger than Jesus Meshiach.
    Have a really blessed day, I am praise Adonia through Yeshua – Jesus, Kenny…

  3. Maxine Knowles says:

    Encouraging as ever,
    Fear is crippling, God showed me clearly , using a conversation with a young boy I was childminding.

    The Lord impressed on me that Fear was FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. And that I needed to stand where He was and see things from that victorious view point rather than standing in Fear where you get an untrue prospective.

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