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Calls & Commands

He calls you to ‘Come’ and Commands you to ‘Go!’ We cannot go in His Name unless we first come to Him.  Mark 16:15 /John 15:16 Mark 1:17 / Rev. 4:1

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Take up your Cross

Some Suffering is not a choice.  The important thing here is our response. That is all we are responsible for.  Self denial is a choice.  The ‘if’ factor of taking up your cross suggests choosing the route of self denial  following in the example of Jesus.   The cross can be laid down through lack of faith   or disobedience.  Taking it up calls for trust in the Lord  and obedience to His Word.  For the unbeliever it can produce a ‘victim’ mentality which either produces rebellion or acquiescence.  To the Christian it is the means of going to higher ground. Luke 9:23

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Counting the Cost

Paul considered the things lost  as nothing compared to what he gained  in knowing Christ.  John was the one who pressed in the most  to come close to the Lord.  He gave up everything.  The cost enabled him to rise above the snares of this world   and on Patmos touch heaven.  They negate the term   ‘too heavenly minded to be of any earthly use.’ ‘Come up hither’ Rev 4:1

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Feeding the Poor

  The poor in spirit are promised the Kingdom of heaven (Matth 6:3) There are two sources to feed the poor. Jesus told the disciples ‘You feed them!’ when the crowd was  hungry.   When we are feed spiritually we are given sufficient to meet our own needs and a surplus to feed others. If we constantly take our fill and do not share, we become obese!  The food we give however comes from God. We are required to share but only as far as it leads the hungry to seek the source for themselves. If they constantly come to us they could be mistaken we meet their needs. Only … Continue reading

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Multiple Choices

In Multiple Choices there are three options two active choices, one static.  At any point of decision our actions are either  right or wrong.  The don’t know’ option is no option at times.  If it is as traffic lights, the amber ‘wait’  is fine.   If it is to stall and do nothing  that is sometimes worst than  making the wrong choice.  Wrong choices can be corrected.  Obviously making the right choice is best.  Second opinions can help, but the first opinion should be heard in the secret place with God.  If the opinions of others witness to this  it is safe to advance.  Deut 30:19

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