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If we fast and refuse  to relieve that hunger with food on the natural level,  that hunger can be alleviated with spiritual food.  We are reminded our spirit can get tired and hungry like our body.  Many people who are dehydrated don’t recognise thirst and overeat thinking they are hungry.   The real need is not met.  Likewise natural food will not satisfy spiritual hunger.  So too with rest.  The body requires sleep.  The spirit requires stillness and peace.  We often obsess about our  physical needs and neglect our spirit.  Strength is restored from within . Ps 107:9 / Is. 40:31  

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A Shift of Focus

Sometimes, annoyingly,  difficult circumstances refuse to budge. So, what to do? You may not be able to a change the circumstances BUT you can change your attitude to them. It takes a shift of focus.  Look with the eyes of your heart instead of your head. Operate the divine exchange. Exchange head knowledge for spiritual discernment.  Apply spiritual wisdom instead of earthly logic.  View everything against the backcloth of eternity. Watch that your prayer is not  complaint.  The children of Israel wasted a lot of time in the wilderness   by grumbling and complaining.   If they had been mindful of their miraculous deliverance  and the provision of God’s protection … Continue reading

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Small Talk

The conversations we hold with ourselves, the internal thought processing, go on in our heads. Our conversations with God, go on in our hearts. Gen. 24:45

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