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God’s Timing

‘At a certain time on a certain day in a certain year in the reign of a certain King.’  Have you noticed the precision of timing in the Bible.  And then you read the Word  at a certain time  in a certain circumstance,  and bang the Word explodes with relevance  and speaks into your situation.  A Word written so long ago  yet pertinent to the moment you read it.  Fresh manna! The Living Word!  A personal Rhema Word for you.  A note from the One who never slumbers nor sleeps but watches over you letting you know He knows. And at the end of the note a p.s. reminding you … Continue reading

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Blame Game

Women! Ever since blaming Eve for the Fall,  women fall prey to taking the blame. Children behave badly. Their fault! Marriage difficulties. Their fault! And on and  on….. It has been said we can read our Love Language  by the gifts we give.  We give what we would like ourselves.  We have a built in desire to nurture and be nurtured.  Make room  for give and take! 1 John 4:19

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Risky Living

Don’t take care take risks When the door is closed and barred against you dont give up. A window of opportunity could be your means of escape. An undignified scramble to the windowledge An exhilarating thrill to jump When and if God says so!  Rev. 3:7

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Work with Jesus Not for Him His yoke is easy His burden light Spend time getting to know Him Not learning about Him. John 15:15-17

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