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We need Light to guide us. We may not know where it is leading us to, but we need it to dispel the darkness, to illuminate the unknown. Don’t resist taking the first steps because you can’t see the end of the road. Sometimes the route of our lives is not discovered until after we have taken the first faltering steps. John 1:5

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One Thing

One Thing There is always one thing. For the rich young man It was his money. What is your one thing? If the cost is too great And you refuse to pay You could end up losing everything. Mark 10:21

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Homing Pigeons

The picture of the dove returning to the ark and being taken back in by  Noah is a beautiful illustration of the natural built in tendency to be drawn home.  The first return was from a failed mission. The second was fruitful. Have you had an abortive first mission? Don’t give up. Try again! Go in the confidence you have  a safe sanctuary in your trysting place. God will extend His arm to welcome you in no matter how many times you return. “but the dove found no rest for the sole of her foot and she returned to him in the box, for the waters were on the face … Continue reading

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Mathematical Majesty and Mystery

God spoke everything into existence.  He ‘spoke’ light into existence and  separated it from the darkness. Darkness existed until there was light so day followed night. He called the firmament of heaven out from the waters , creating heaven above, the earth below.  Dry land was formed from amidst the waters. It divided sea from land. The land was planted with vegetation to reproduce after its own kind. The sky was clothed with  sun, moon and  stars and time was created. The earth  was populated with animals. The sea with fish. Birds inhabited the sky.  All were created to be fruitful and multiply.   There was separation, division and multiplication. A … Continue reading

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A New Year of Intention

Sometimes a quiet period of calm waters can lull the spirit into apathy.  Motivation to keep moving on is dissipated.  The horizon of future hopes  seems a long distance away.  Oh for a cloud the size of a man’s hand to focus on.  A sign that the stifling air will clear.  The waters will be stirred.  Hope will return. Think of the time as a period of hibernation.  Not the end but a resting period.  The nest of hibernation in the Secret Place has been essential. Preparation for the next season. Recognise the season.  The world the animal returns to after  hibernation is a very different one from the one … Continue reading

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