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The most visually changing season. Beautiful colour transformation. Some changes are more subtle Mostly we are being changed from the inside out.  A shift perhaps in a mind set Internalised  Until The effects are noticed  on the outside.  Some instantly. Some over a period of time. Change instigated by a prompting  Of the Holy Spirt Nudging us gently to become More as God intended. 2 Cor. 3:18 

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Broken dreams Broken promises Broken hearts Despair dulled with distractions  Or lifted by Love. Ps. 147:3/ Ps. 34:18 

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Are You Prepared

I recall being astonished by the whole truth presented in the Bible when I became a Christian.  No ‘everything is going to be fine from now on’ fairytale about life in this world.  I remember thinking of the seriousness when I realised John the Baptist was beheaded, and the fate of Stephen; the warning from Jesus that just as He was hated so we would  be for being His followers.  Like a contract, but no small print. All bold, upfront and open. No signing up for something without being shown what it could cost.  Preparation  that there may be suffering living in a fallen world, persecutions as the message is … Continue reading

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God’s tattoo!            They seem to be everywhere, and nearly everyone seems to have  one these days! Tattoos imply an oath of allegiance  given freely to someone or something, or a mark of forceful bondage.           The first tattoo was the name of God’s people written on His hand. His promise to His people that they belonged to Him and were constantly before Him. His treasured possession. If you have received Jesus as your personal Saviour you have been grafted into this promise of belonging.         We don’t need to write His name on our bodies (or write anyone … Continue reading

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Grow Up!!!

Milk is called a complete food having all the nutrients to sustain growth.  But only for babies! We move onto solids. Meat, Proteins provide the  building blocks for the body. Paul speaks of feeding the new Christian with milk  but expects him to move on to meat to grow spiritually.  His definition of spiritual immaturity is remaining worldly.  Milk sustains the infant not the adult.  Are we being admonished to get serious?  To take the Word at face value?  To stand on our own two feet, not with one in the world, but both feet planted firmly on the Rock.  To grow up and move on up!  1 Cor. 3:1-3

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