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The overcoming spirit is able to look over And beyond circumstances And to see those things that are promised By faith. When present circumstances are diametrically opposed to what God has said, There is only one way to look.  Up and over! Its sometimes called Blind faith! When John the Baptist in his darkest hour  Questioned  if Jesus was the Messiah Jesus told the disciples to tell him  to look for the signs,  one being the blind were given sight. Under mounting pressure we too can wonder. But we need only look at the wonders in creation To know He is God and all His promises are true.  We may … Continue reading

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Debt Cancellation

Unlike the  handwriting on the wall which   Nebuchadnezzar saw (Dan 5:24-28) the record of our lives  in the Lamb’s book of life reads differently. Yes there will be evidence of us found weighed in the balance and found wanting. Yes every wrong deed and thought will be there but for those of us who have accepted Jesus as our personal Saviour, each sin recorded is ‘crossed’ out and the word FORGIVEN written over it.  No amount of money could pay for this. It is the purest Gift  from God, paid for by His Son. Col. 2:14

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What on Earth is Going On?

It must very frightening listening to the news if you don’t know the Lord, but it shouldn’t be surprising for those of us who do. The news is  merely catching up with all that is reported in the Bible, from prophesies in the Old Testament, to Jesus Himself as He answered  the disciples questions about His return and the end of the age.   He, however doesn’t tell us of these signs to scare us, but to prepare us. For the believer this ‘End’ marks a new Beginning.  He tells us how we should conduct ourselves and what we should focus on. All these signs point to His return. See that … Continue reading

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If’s and Then’s

There are a lot of ‘if’s’ in the Bible! IF My people  who are called by My Name  will humble themselves and pray…2 Chron. 7.14 IF you remain in Me, then … John 15:7 IF you are thirsty, ‘Come drink.’ Is. 55.1 These are promises made by the Promise Keeper. IF these promises and many more are to be ours  THEN we need to do our part. IF you have a need today, THEN ask simply ask! The certainty of cause and effect in what we believe and in whom we believe is well explained by Paul. 1 Cor. 15:12-20

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