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Hopeful not Hopeless

Christians are the only people who do not have to be governed by emotions.  We may feel awful at times. Things may seem grim.  But we have a hope that is not dependant on how we feel,  or how things seems,  but on an eternal covenant with God. He has been proved faithful down the ages.  He desires us to look up.  He requires us to take our eyes off the problem  and look  to the Promise-keeper.  A change of perspective will override the negatives and keep us steady in uncertain times.    Hebrews 6:19    

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The Life Cycle

Life in the spirit can compliment or contradict  our normal existence. Either way it is an adventure. Tapping into Wisdom instead of relying on knowledge. Conquering fear by faith. Defeating negatives with the positive. Sifting chaff from wheat. Exposing lies with Truth Revealing hidden agendas. Seeing the invisible Believing the impossible. Living in the Life Cycle. Ps. 1:1-3

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Divine Connection

If you close your eyes You see Him. If you shut your ears To clamour You hear Him. If you entertain silence His voice breaks through. When you least expect Him He turns up. Never late, not early But in perfect time. Col. 3:2

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Don’t paddle. Swim!

Don’t hesitate on the brink Timidly dipping a toe.  Dive into the Word. Swim in the promises Float in expectation Be buoyed by hope Motivated by love Strengthened by faith Directed by destiny.  Leave the seeming security of the shore Reach  out for the deep Confront the ocean  To discover your Promised Land Ezekiel 47:1-12/

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Head v Heart

It is so easy to be confused in our minds as we tackle information overload, or struggle with conflicting opinions. As truth becomes relative in the world, as world events becomes increasingly alarming, we need an anchor. We need God’s perspective on everything. Wisdom in gained as we get to know Him and He reveals His perspective.  As Christians we have a superior form of processing. We listen with our heart to have spiritual insight.   The prayer Paul prayed for the Christians in Ephesus would be well applied today.    ‘I pray that the great God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ may give you the wisdom of … Continue reading

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