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Destiny Discovered

A poor workman Blames his tools! That is like looking down.  Stop! Look up! This is where inspiration resides. Find the right voice For your unique expression.  Let the steps to your dance Be directed from above. Allow God to order them. He takes the lead, you follow. Let the stroke of your brush Capture His beauty. The stroke of your pen Divulge His dreams. There are unfinished symphonies Stories untold Incomplete dreams Unfulfilled promises. New frontiers  Waiting With your name on. Eph. 2:10/ Is. 30: 21

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The Cross

On the Cross He fulfilled the Law He did it by Grace.  His was the victory  Over sin and death Ours is the triumph. Set free By the power of Love. Gal. 2:20

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Encounters of the God Kind

An encounter with God  Can be when you least expect it Where you would not expect Why? He wants you to know  He tracks every move Covers every eventuality Show you He is on your case Why? Because He knows  when you need reassurance Knows your needs before  You even ask.  Can you let Go and let God? Why not? You have nothing to lose.  Is. 65:24

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