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Destined to Overcome

Are you tired of areas of defeat in your life  when the Word calls us  Overcomers and Victorious ones.   This is the promise to the New Man.  The old man is destined to fail.  Sometimes we are so preoccupied  with fighting external difficulties and obstacles  we overlook the enemy within!  It is living by the flesh not the spirit.  The spirit man inhabits the higher ground.  He takes the ground.  The Israelites were given the Promised Land  but they had to fight to obtain it.  When Peter tells us we have everything we need  in Christ Jesus he means  we have been given  the ability to overcome. 2 Peter … Continue reading

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Which Righteousness?

Unrighteousness Going against God’s Law. Self righteousness Attempting to keep the Law in your own strength.   Righteousness  In right standing with God only possible by accepting Jesus and the divine exchange upon the Cross. Romans 4:25   

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Line Dancing

Are you in step with God And all He is doing NOW? Are you dancing to His tune Following instructions Line upon line Precept upon precept? We are in unprecedented times They call for close attention  Maybe to change direction Maybe to increase speed Maybe to slow down In step with His tempo In line with His order   Learn from the mistakes the Israelites made, They didn’t listen.  They didn’t rest in the revelation They were given. Learn from them And step up. Isaiah 28:12-13 Is. 30:15

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Watchmen Awake!

If we were awake We would see the patterns of attacks. If we were alert  We could divert attacks. If we asked for wisdom  We would be given it.  If we embraced discernment We would not be sitting ducks. If we look back to defeats We were probably slumbering on our watch. Lets learn form our weaknesses and mistakes And take the ground. Matthew 10:16

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Preparation for the Season

We are usually more focused as a New Year begins BUT are we prepared for the approaching season. We wouldn’t go out in a winter coat  at the height of summer, or wear a swimsuit in the depth of winter. BUT are we ready for what is to come? The news headlines increasing mirror  Old Testament prophecies. World events reflect the warnings Jesus gave in Matthew 24, but these warnings are not to frighten us ‘See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end [of the age].  We have three key instructions: DO NOT BE AFRAID BE WATCHFUL  LOOK UP! … Continue reading

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