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For Unto Us

Long may we hear Bells in this land Ringing out  To celebrate Christmas. Long may we worship freely The One and Only True and Living God Long may our Christian voice be heard Amongst the many others  Eager to silence our witness. Still doing Christmas  But without Christ. Isaiah 9:6

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In Due Season

The garden is at its best in summer.  The display magnificent Life in abundance.  And yet often it faces its fiercest conditions.  Searing heat Little rain.  Provision was made in winter.  Rain watering the earth Falling leaves restoring nutrients in a perfect cyclical economy.  The gardener does more before  and after summer.  So too the spiritual life.  Have you looked with envy at ministry flowing with anointing Accurate prophecy Signs and wonders following? They follow the hard work  done in the Secret Place.  In prayer In fellowship Digger deeper Pulling up the weeds of doubt Laying the turf of Truth Sifting out stones of hard rebellion Improving conditions for healthy … Continue reading

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From Duty to Delight

Does reading the Bible  sometimes become a dry experience  as you dutifully plod through it.  Stop! Look up!  A beautiful sky A sunrise Or sunset The stars at night Shifting clouds A rainbow.  See God here To put a song back in your heart Then go to His Word in wonder And worship To shift from a sense of duty To overwhelming delight To rejoice that the One Who made all things Who spoke the stars into being Speaks to you.  Psalm 8

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