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Prayer: A Two Way Dialogue

Does God hear you coming in prayer and think,  ‘Oh no, what does she(he) want now?’ Or wonder how long you are going to grumble and complain this time! Does He think you are in such a hurry that He would have loved to help you  but you rushed off before He had time to give you the answer. Or is He left wondering if you are going to return to say  ‘thank you’ for all the prayers He answered? The most successful friendships are reciprocal.  Give and take!  Giving and accepting. Putting the friend’s needs first.  Perhaps the problem stems from not realising God has needs. You know you needs … Continue reading

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Be Still

Sometimes the waves are turbulent and storms rage all around but the well within you can remain still and calm when you know the One who can speak stillness into your spirit. Ps. 46 is a Psalm for today as the world trembles. It encourages us to look to the One whose Kingdom cannot be shaken. He draws you to it so you will have safety and security. How? By keeping your eyes on Him. Ps 46:10 in the Passion Translations says Surrender your anxiety! Be silent and stop your striving And you will see that I Am God!

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Sons & Daughters

It is a well known fact children gain their identity through the father. This is one reason why it is especially important to know God as Father, particularly in this ‘fatherless’ generation. It was Jesus who revealed the Father heart of God and enabled us to be adopted into His family, His Father becoming Our Father. We only come to know who we truly are in this relationship. Not just who we are, and what our destiny is, but also what we inherit. Again increasingly we hear of children being disinherited by their parents, but not by our heavenly Father. We inherit a Kingdom.  Sound too good to be true? … Continue reading

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I Am

To say ‘I am.’ You may be happy to say who you are :      I am ….(name) But when you come to describe what you are you may well talk yourself down. The ‘I am’ statements often tip into               the negative. More likely to be ‘I am not’ than ‘I am!’ Jesus knew who He was because He took His identity and destiny from what the Father said. Not one of His ‘I am’ statements was negative. (John 6-15) When He said ‘I Am’ He came into agreement with the Father. From the time God told Moses His Name was ‘I Am’ … Continue reading

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The Other Side of Silence

That other place where we instinctively know that we belong Flying above the clouds Walking on water Where blind see Deaf hear Discovering  great truths hidden in seeming insignificance  Truth emerging  like light out of darkness  Questioning what is  Reality  And what really matters. And He said to them, “Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” Mark 6:31

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