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Nowhere out of Reach

The Shepherd watches the sheep.  He sees the one. He cares not where or why he strays.  He cares only that he is brought back into the fold.  Nowhere too difficult or dangerous He won’t arrange an audacious rescue,  walking right into the enemy’s camp of briery thorns or deep waters,  nothing strong enough to resist His out reached arm of Love.  Luke 15:4

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Put Him to the Test

In times of testing lots of things are tested. Our faith, our patience, our nerve! One thing we often overlook or underestimate is our friendships. There is a saying that in hardship we finds out who our friends are. Sometimes we are surprised by who does and doesn’t stand with us. The One who never fails, never leaves or forsakes. He longs for us to trust Him through the tough times. They usually involve loss of some kind or another. Real trust is letting go. Have you reached that point? If you have you will not be disappointed when the support you need doesn’t come from where you expected. You … Continue reading

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‘Surely’ carries an element  of authority and certainty rather like ‘verily.’ ‘Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life.’ Ps. 23:6 They FOLLOW! BEFORE you walks wisdom. Seek that guiding light. It will direct your path and your pace. It will lead you on paths of righteousness where those travelling companions will be your constant companions. But watch out. If you storm ahead under your own steam you may outrun them and never enjoy their presence. The one thing we are told to ask for is wisdom. Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you.” … Continue reading

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Whose Report will you Believe?

As life becomes more chaotic  with so much uncertainty and instability geopolitically we look within.  Here lies true certainty.  Here lies true stability  when our feet are placed firmly on the Rock of our Salvation our hearts anchored in the Love of God  and established in His covenant keeping Faithfulness.  It is often the enemy within who has the greatest effect in bringing about defeat.  There will be two contradictory messages being played on the recall of the mind.  One will instigate faith the other fear.  Whose report will you believe? Let’s dare to stand on the extravagant love and outrageous promises of God  and drown out the sea  of … Continue reading

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Born to be Free

The performance of any vehicle is affected by the weight it carries.  Our bodies too.  Carrying extra weight has a negative affect on its capabilities.  So too our spirits.  The resurrection power that enables us to soar is often curtailed by the weight of doubt and unbelief  and any negatives we continue to carry when in reality they were stripped away when we were born again.  Often the new man lives in the spirit while the old man is still governed by our thinking.  Only when our thinking lines up with our spirit are we  propelled into fullness of life.  Resurrection life.  James 1:8

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