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Are you a Lists Person?

  Do you have lists of lists? Things to do People to see Places to go. Lists of does and don’ts.  Have you allowed God to check your lists? Sometimes His priorities are totally different from ours! We have things to do at the top of our list in order of importance. He may want to completely reverse the order  Put BEING at the top and DOING at the bottom.  Motives before action His plans before ours. Phil. 4:13 / Jer. 29:11

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Time is Precious

Let God enrich every moment. Don’t run headlong into the next. Savour the sanctity of each moment for what it is. Ecc. 3:1 from ‘One Day at a Time” Devotional p. 15

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To Rest

  There are as many meanings of the verb ‘to rest’ as there are layers of the state of rest. You may rest by ceasing all activity. To stop from your labours, recognising you are tired. If you are just resting to recover you have probably overdone it! Sometimes we ignore these warnings and  burn out totally. Then recovery is much more than a brief ceasing from activity. Even when we recognise our need of resting from physical activity we seldom recognise the need for mental, emotional or spiritual rest. To cease labour but to be agitated is not to be rested! WHAT does God require of the one who needs … Continue reading

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In the Pages of His Book

She found Him In the pages of His book. Pages perfumed by His presence Transforming landscapes of previous thoughts and preconceived ideas. All changed when she met Him. Nothing the same ever again. The sun shone brighter Each flower spoke And had a value Priceless to this keen observer Seeing for the first time. from Book of Poetry  ’33’

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