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The Fragrance of His Presence

Have you ever sensed the sweet fragrance of the Lord’s presence? Would you recognise it if you did? It might be familiar, but there is no earthly reason for it. Like the smell of lavender or lilies of the lily pervading the air, with not a flower in sight, wafting to stimulate the senses and heighten the awareness of His nearness. The One who is always there, for He has promised He will make His home with those who love Him. (John 14:23.) and that He will never depart (Deut. 31:8) But sometimes we forget. Sometimes we need reminding. One beautiful way He can stir us is with the tangible … Continue reading

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The Eyes of Your Heart

All of our natural senses are replicated internally. The heart has ears to hear and eyes to see. Paul’s pleads for our spiritual sight to be heightened, ‘ I pray that the eyes of your heart be enlightened.’ Our physical eyes are evaluating and interpreting what is seen in the natural realm constantly, but this vision is subject to error. Sometimes facts are not always what they seem. Sometimes our interpretation of events is blurred by both internal and external influences. Our spiritual eyes will see and understand spiritual truth. Most important is that we draw near to God and evaluate with ‘the mind of Christ’, not with our own … Continue reading

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A Listening Heart

Luke 8:4-8 The parable of the Sower ends with the advice V 8.The one who has ears to hear must constantly listen!” Jesus explains the meaning.The seed represents the Word. The first seeds scattered do not even reach good ground. The Word is stolen before it has a chance to take root. The second scattering falls on poor soil. The seed withers because it is not nurtured. The third scattering is choked out by weeds. The Word has to compete with too many distractions. The good ground produces fruit. The Word is planted in the heart. It is the heart constantly listening out for God that bears the harvest and … Continue reading

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Mandate from Heaven

We all have a special mandate from heaven. A unique call on our lives. Sometimes it is the perpetual gifting and authority we walk in. It determines what we are good at. What we like to do. The one whose time is directed by this will be happy and successful. A round peg in a round hole! Sometimes it is a seasonal thing. A special calling for a particular season.Often the secret is to identify it. That comes with quality time spent with God. Listening with the heart! If it is a difficult season, remember all seasons come to an end! When God is in it, what He appoints, He … Continue reading

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