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Do you have a Willing Heart?

When God established His covenant with Moses, and set out His guidelines for His people to live by, he made requirements of all the people, but as with now, He allowed people free will. Those who were of a willing heart were invited to bless The Lord. These were empowered to prosper and be fruitful. They were so lavish in their giving, they had more than enough to do all God required. By giving first to God, they no doubt enjoyed the surplus! Exodus 35 Have you noticed a pattern with most of the characters in the Bible? Few who were called felt able. Those who were appointed were enabled. … Continue reading

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Do you hear Him?

And there I shall meet with you and I shall speak with you from above the cover, from between the two cherubim which are upon the Ark of the Testimony, of all things which I shall give you in commandment for the children of Israel. (Exodus 25:22) God ¬†doesn’t just speak through His written Word, He confirms it in an audible voice. If you don’t believe God exists you won’t be looking for Him. If you don’t believe He speaks today, you won’t be listening for Him. We see and hear Him in the Spirit. It is futile to read the word only and debate it’s theological content with the … Continue reading

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Are you in a holding place right now? A pause. A time of transition. In between here and there. Maybe even from a fall to your call? This can be a precious time and special place. A time to meditate, take stock, evaluate, consider. The enemy would have us feel we are trapped in guilt and shame of past failure binding us in dread and fearful to move on for fear of failing again. Not so Jesus. This is a place of redemption. Of being restored, reaffirmed, recommissioned. Look at Peter. Peter the rock. He was healed and restored. The lasting effect not guilt or shame, just a softened heart. … Continue reading

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