Monthly Archives: May 2014

The Only Way is Up!

    Sometimes People put you down so they may appear elevated. Remember that is often their problem Not yours. Its one way with God! He would say Look up and Come up higher. Don’t look to others to affirm you People are fickle Subject to mood. There is no shadow of turning with God The same yesterday today and tomorrow. ‘Accepted in the Beloved’ Eph. 1:6

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Courageous Outrageous Faith

The most courageous feats are often unpremeditated actions The mind is bypassed The hearts leads With overwhelming spontaneity Disregarding whether it is reasonable or possible Not contemplating the impossibility or improbability of a good outcome Risking all with expectation The risk is worth the effort To achieve the goal. Small achievements are scaled down expectations Of what God has promised To those who believe. ‘ALL things are possible to him who believes!’ Mark 9:23

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