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Milk & Honey

If things aren’t looking too good for you have you stopped to think you may be looking with the wrong eyes? When the twelve spies looked into the Promised Land two saw the promise, ten saw the giants, who, if allowed, would hinder the promise. What did the promise look like? A land, flowing with milk and honey, full of giants! Was the milk and honey visible? No! Probably not! Though the grapes should have been a clue! These eyes can’t see everything. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned. Look with the eyes of your spirit. They will be drawn to the Promise Giver. Keep your eyes on Him. Seek out … Continue reading

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Ditch the Old: Embrace the New

  The Old Testament is replaced with the New. Old wine skins cannot retain new wine. Grave clothes are replaced with wedding garments. They do not go together. The old man dies for the new one to live For prophecy and promises to be fulfilled. Joshua was not told to be courageous to leave the wilderness. He was told to have courageous faith to believe to possess the Promise Land. It is possible to go back but that is like returning to darkness after seeing the light. Regret could have kept Joshua back. Instead he reviewed, recognised the problems In two words unbelief and disobedience. Then advanced to that table set … Continue reading

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