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Letting Go

In order to be who I am I have to leave behind All that I have been. No longer holding Security blankets of familiarity. Hands free To embrace The pen that Draws a new horizon Sketching out a landscape Hitherto unknown In the outback Of imagination. Painting trees For pleasure Placing flowers In hidden crevices No one else would find Unless they too Are on the same discovery Discarding gold and silver For the Pearl.

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The Sky Speaks

THE SKY SPEAKS Sometimes heaven’s jewels sparkle and stars give us a clue to heaven’s treasury. It is only when we look up we get a glimpse of eternity. The sky speaks Resounding God’s Glory. Portraying His Promise Displaying His Delights Reflecting His Radiance. Job 22:12 from Devotional Where Eagles soar p. 24

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The Echo

Is your voice an echo Of stale thoughts And other peoples actions? Is it making Reshaped thought In palatable mouthfuls For a world That’s lost its Appetite for truth? Is it colouring purpose Safe sage Instead of vibrant red For fear of offending The colour blind? Heb 4:12

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Mighty Power

It took God everything He had to fill the tomb And His mighty power to empty it. The first Son rose alone and discarded His own graveclothes. The first born of many. The same voice that called Lazarus forth calls to you. In His mercy He surrounds you with family to help you replace your robes with wedding raiments and anoints you with the fragrance from heavenly encounters to prepare you for your Bridegroom. John 11:43

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In the Pages of his Book She Found Him

She found Him In the pages of His book. Pages perfumed by His presence Transforming landscapes of previous thoughts and preconceived ideas. All changed when she met Him. Nothing the same ever again. The sun shone brighter Each flower spoke And had a value Priceless to this keen observer Seeing for the first time. Jer. 29:13

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