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Have You Ever?

Have you ever seen a rainbow In a clear blue sky? A snowdrop pushing through a Sun drenched meadow? A pearl formed Without a rough shell? A battle won Without a fight? James 1:2-3

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A Friend in Deed

  Can you help me? Not always! But I know a Man who always can. Can you stay with me? Not all the time! But I know a Man who will. Can you make me happy? Sometimes! But there is One who gives you endless joy. Can you stop the pain? Partially! But my Friend softens it, Rolls it up and hurls it To the outer reaches Carried by His care. Can I meet Him? Of course! May I introduce you His name is Jesus!  

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Time Another week, in the narrow band of weeks Of this life. A narrow frequency of sights and sounds Tuned in to this small spot Yet scanning for the greater. Wisps of cloud against an endless sky strung like a string of pearls White interrupting blue Time interrupting infinity Shimmer of tiny wings Small birds of minuscule dimensions In abandoned flights Of epic proportion Against the great expanse From here to there From now to that day Across the endless sky. Ps. 39:5 From  ’33’

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And Often

  And Often When you come to mind It is as if you appear from somewhere out there. But that is not the case. You have not moved I bring you to remembrance Because I have forgotten you for a short while While you have been here All the time And slowly I begin to realize You are always here Regardless of where I wander. Deut 31:6 from Poetry  ’33’  

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