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Hold On!

The hand that flung the stars in place, that stopped the sun in its tracks is held out to you. Hold on to His hand. He wants to do wonders for you too! Put your hand in His. Let Him take you to places you’ve never dared to go give you things  you’ve never dreamed of. Ps. 8:3 from Devotional What’s in your Hand? p.10

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Don’t assume you already know God’s answer to every situation you face. He is the God of infinite variety and creative responses. What He did for you yesterday will not necessarily be what He does tomorrow. You are limited ~ He is boundless. Chances are you would never have thought of His solution. Be ready to be surprised. Let Him take your breathe away. Expect the unexpected. Isaiah 55:8 from Devotional The Father’s Heart p. 30

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Rest God desires we find ‘the place of His rest.’ Why? He longs for intimacy. He longs for fellowship. He longs to share His heart to reveal secrets hidden not FROM but FOR His own. It is impossible to hear clearly in the cacophony of the noise of the world. Chaos and confusion reign. It is imperative to ‘Come Aside’ to find that quiet place to which He will draw you and still your heart so you may hear Him. Is. 66:1 from Devotional A Trysting Place p. 2

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Heaven’s Senses

HEAVEN’S SENSES Heaven has a sound imperceptible to many A fragrance few can smell A touch few are sensitive enough to feel A sight He opens blind eyes to see to Taste the age to come. Ps. 8:1 from Devotional Where Eagles Soar p. 23

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