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Beautiful to Him

You Are   Beautiful to Him. He sees things in you that you fail to see because you listen to the wrong voice. The One who loves you affirms you. He builds you up to be all He says you are. Dare to believe Him. Come out of the grave clothes. Put on the wedding robes. Look the part. You’ve seen the young bride to be, full of optimism and hope, seeking to be her best for her betrothed. Do the same. This bridegroom will not disappoint. He deserves the best. Eph. 1:6 From Devotional The Bridegroom is Calling p. 4

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Internally Yours

INTERNALLY YOURS You may find a tranquil place but if you are churning inside with turmoil and unresolved issues the tranquility is lost. Equally you can be amongst turmoil yet if you have peace within you will not be affected. This is a special peace. This Peace is a special person. Ps. 46 from Devotions ‘A Trysting Place’ p.5

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Divine Exchange

Divine Exchange You come heavy laden You leave free You come weary You leave rested You come soiled by cares You leave clean You come full of troubles You leave empty In this clean empty space  He can deposit Holiness. Math. 11:28 (from Devotional In the Broken Places p. 12)

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In the Secret Place

Jesus taught in parables but took the disciples aside to explain their meaning. It is still so today. God speaks through the environment and events in it but it’s only to those who draw near to Him will His meaning be made clear. Without this we have religion. With intimacy we have relationship. ‘Alone with His  disciples’ this is the place we need to be, hearing for ourself in that secret place. Mark 4:34 (from Devotional  ‘A Trysting Place’ p. 13)

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Get Lost!

GET LOST!!!  The way isn’t always clear but Sometimes it’s worth getting lost. New places are discovered that may never have been found on purpose. We may not have a clue where we are but God knows where we are going. It’s exhilarating to let go of the compass and be pointed by another way. Psalm 139: 9-10 (from Devotional ‘Where Eagles Soar p. 11)

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