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Highs & Lows

Remember there aren’t just valleys in the low ground There are valleys in the highest ranges But what we learned on the low slopes aids us as we soar. The streams that flood the low lands find their source on higher ground. The light that forms the shadows emanates from here. The highs and lows all ultimately lead to heaven if you make God your guiding star. Eph. 4:10 (from Devotional ‘Where Eagles Soar’ p. 4)

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Grace to Stand

Have you noticed when things change it is seldom the circumstances that change first. God  brings a change in us on the inside. The difficult circumstances may not alter externally but if we yield to Him and apply the scripture, ‘His ways and thoughts are higher than ours’ (Isaiah 55:8-9), He can restore hope where it was lost and faith can once again replace fear or doubt, and we harness our limited ability with His limitless resources. The shift can happen in a moment. I once was blind but now can see.One touch can change everything! (John 9:25) Without a vision the people perish. Some versions say lose restraint. That … Continue reading

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Passion His eyes are eyes of fire With Passion for His own That burns Into their hearts Making embers of their dreams Ashes of their limited desires To drown the feeble purpose To make the avalanche of plans subside And transfer what is theirs To what is His And quell the fear of failure Of faceless opposition And face expanses He would have them fill……. He keeps the fire burning on the altar of your life Consuming all that separates In the furnace of your soul Passion pays the price Tears are the vocabulary Of surrrender Words become inadequate For emotions stirred By Love And you are forced to Submit … Continue reading

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Law v Grace

Are you up against something you can’t cope with? Something bigger than you feel you have the resources for? Something testing you beyond your natural endurance or capabilities? Most face such a trial at some time or another. Some sadly run from one major catastrophe to another. Believers are not exempt! Unbelievers have no option but to do the best they can ‘under the circumstances.’ They can call upon expert advice and muster troops from any quarter possible, and do all they can to manage affairs in the natural realm. The believer can do likewise. Wisdom is often easier to have when looking from the outside in! Good friends or … Continue reading

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