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Plan & Purpose

There is a work for each one of us to do. There is a position that only you can fill. The place is in His presence, the position at His feet. From that place of safety and security He can lead and you can follow on the path He opens for you, with the plans He reveals for you to follow. Often we get the order wrong. Instead of seeking God for His plan, we have the plan and ask God to bless it. God has a purpose for our life. Our purpose is to fulfil it. If all limitations and excuses were removed we would probably fulfil it. We … Continue reading

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Travelling Light!

Travelling with God is an exciting journey. He is not so concerned with the speed, just that we move with forward momentum. He is the destination! His Holy Spirit the guiding light. Travel Light Some bags are heavy even before there is anything in them! From Devotional ‘Plan & Purpose’ p.5 Don’t be limited by carrying a ‘worry’ bag! Worry doesn’t help the situation or effect the outcome, it harms you!!! Not worrying is not a sign of not caring, it is a sign of trusting God! Carrying cares, your own or others, can be debilitating. Don’t be weighed down with them, lift them up to One who can cope … Continue reading

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Joy v Happiness

It was suggested to a dear friend of mine that her dour Scottish husband was happy really, it just hadn’t got round to his face! How many Christians are like this? We carry a joy deep within, but often it is only seen by fellow believers when we feel free to share about the light of our lives. Or, ironically through the difficult times, when it is often noted that the Christian responds or recovers in a different way. Could it be the difference between joy and happiness? The world looks for happiness, expecting to find it through people, possessions, experiences. No one wants to be sad. No one is … Continue reading

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Love Never Fails

Have you ever wondered why people can pray for others to be healed and see miraculous results yet suffer enormously themselves? Do you believe in healing? Do you believe God still heals today. If you do, do you find it easier to believe for someone else’s healing than for your own? Often when praying for healing a surge of inner strength rises which is considered to be faith. To an extent it is, but thats not all! Faith is not a constant thing. We can be in faith for something one day and have little or no faith another. Faith has been known to fail! It can be paralysed when … Continue reading

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Winds of Change

‘See the winter is past…the season of singing has come.’ ( Song of Songs 2:11) Lets pray God puts a new song in our hearts as He gives a glimmer of hope for this cruel winter to break.  The weather this winter  is like a parable. Good weather always seems better after bad! So many have had a severe season be it in physical or emotional suffering as the winds of adversity have blown against God’s chosen ones. Well it’s time for the wind to change direction. ‘Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your … Continue reading

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