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Where’s Wally?

Have you ever searched a page or puzzle for ‘Where’s Wally?’ He can be almost impossible to find in the hectic activity and congestion of everyday life. But sometimes there are clues around him that lead to his discovery! It’s the same with God! Have you ever been confronted by the cynic who asks ‘where is your God now?’ in the chaos when life takes a downward turn? Probably not as often as you expected, because they see something in the believer going through difficulties that they don’t see in unbelievers. They see the believer looking up! The old saying, ‘religion is just a crutch for those who ┬ácant deal … Continue reading

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Flower Power

Can you imagine a picture of a house and garden drawn by a young child. Chances are we will all see something similar, a one dimensional house with a roof, four windows and a door, surrounded by a garden with single stemmed flowers of different colours! This picture came to mind recently with the Words, ‘My Father is the gardener!’ See the child with a row of crayons besides a somewhat grubby page. It’s messy work building houses and making gardens! Enormous pleasure is derived from this creation! The world in a child’s eyes, picturing things as they should be! The thought struck, you never see flowers jostling for position. … Continue reading

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Have you ever made a mistake. You would be very unusual if you hadn’t! Did you do it on purpose? Few mistakes are deliberate! Definition: ‘mistake’ Noun: an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc. verb: to understand, interpret, or evaluate wrongly; misunderstand; misinterpret: to be in error. A mistake can only be corrected if seen to be a mistake! In worst case scenarios, where it is not possible to correct the mistake, it is possible to learn from it so as not to repeat it. How do we recognise a mistake? Sometimes adverse circumstances make us question where things went wrong. … Continue reading

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Is the Writing on the Wall?

Is the Writing on the Wall? Sometimes life runs smoothly. Sometimes life runs out of happy options. Sometimes we run into a brick wall! Sometimes we come to the end of ourselves! Sound bad to you? It doesn’t have to be! Sometimes it’s only when we come to the end of ourselves, our own resources, that we have to admit we can’t make it. Sometimes our lives become so entangled we can’t unravel them. We tie ourselves up in knots pondering the problems, seeking the solution. How to avoid the wall, mount the wall, circumnavigate the wall, ┬ádismantle the wall. But what if the wall is meant to stop us? … Continue reading

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