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The Boot and the Rose

To the natural eye, the boot is stronger than the rose. Have you ever felt your life is like a fragile rose, trampled on by hobnail boots? Some have been crushed in infancy, buds barely bursting before the heavy weight of calculated hatred or cold indifference darkens the horizon of hope. Others almost reach full bloom to be battered by the storms of life and beaten down with adversity. Whatever, whenever, seasons can come that we’ve not envisaged on the landscape of hopes and dreams. But… The best perfume comes from crushing the petals. And the harder the rose is pruned the better it blooms. Have God’s perspective. Against the backcloth … Continue reading

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Good v God

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:10  ‘A good thing can be made its own enemy by being either confused or taken out of its true meaning.’ TAS Daily Open Windows 15th. Feb. Unless we adopt the model, your will be done not mine, there is such danger mine becomes all about me and what I want, or what I think God wants, and not about Him! “Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.” Luke 22:42 Does this mean we don’t have to suffer? Not necessarily. The … Continue reading

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Hellebores and Aconites

Those who read this and know me, know we have recently moved house! This was a wrench from a family home of thirty years. A small holding  with a lovely house, garden and ground. Anyone who has done it knows it is a series of disentangling emotionally. See Devotional ‘The Empty Nest’ with reference to letting go! In the end, a house is just a house. I reached the stage of reducing the things I would miss most to the view, the trees and the sunset! What do I find, I can still see trees from my bedroom window, and the sun sets in exactly the same position but I … Continue reading

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The  last blog, I was concerned, was too long. As I shared my  thoughts  with a close Christian friend I said I  felt I should be more succinct! Succinct, that’s a lovely word isn’t it I said. Definitely she agreed. Later as I pondered on this I saw two things. I had shared the thought with a friend who I knew had a love for words too. I awoke in the night with two thoughts : the power of words and the beauty of agreement; the beauty of words and the power of agreement! I had shared with a friend I know well, knowing well she would respond to the word in … Continue reading

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