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Have you noticed what a dramatic effect Jesus had on the lives of those who sought Him. He may have moved gently and discreetly amongst the crowd but the impact was a radical life change with earthly limitations removed for access to be given to heavenly realms. ‘The two disciples heard Him speak and they followed Him!’ (John 1:37) Such an understated comment! ‘They followed Him! ‘ In following Him they left their old life. They moved from being the disciples of John, to being the disciples of Jesus. In following Him they completely surrendered to His Lordship. They left family, friends,  livelihood, everything! Nathaniel realised Jesus had seen him … Continue reading

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The notion of prison holds terror for most people. The loss of liberty is unthinkable. The thought of being locked up with others we don’t know holds further terror. One trusts this will not happen in the natural but what when we become prisoners of circumstances? What when we are locked in sickness that traps our body and refuses to lose its stranglehold? What when relationships break down and reconciliation seems barred and out of reach? What when resources dry up and limitations close in and there seems no escape?  What when we are locked in difficult decisions that demand a costly price we feel we can’t afford to pay? … Continue reading

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My friend called me Delicious the other day! That’s one of the nicest thing anyone has said to me. When did you last say something nice to someone? Try it! It can mean more than a bunch of roses. Long after the flowers have died the compliment can be re-run time and time again in the memory box of the mind where nice things are stored. Many a kind word has been distorted because of how it is perceived. Even a genuine compliment can be refused if you struggle to believe good about yourself because of low self esteem. Accepting compliments is a measure of freedom! So is giving them! … Continue reading

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Hidden Gems

 This is a Christian blog. I make no apologies! The source of inspiration is the Word of God. It is a treasure trove of hidden gems. It contains guidance, encouragement, inspiration, direction. In fact it contains everything anyone could ever need. Those who are lost can find a way. Those who are distressed can find comfort.  The Bible has been described as a love letter written by God with your name on it!  Those who discover this for the first time find their first love. Those familiar with it find enduring love. God is love. That is His nature. People who fear meeting Him, fear being punished. Deep down we … Continue reading

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