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Selective Silence

There is a place deep within Where external noises are drowned out by a tide of tranquility Washing away the flotsam and jetsam of everyday anxieties to some distant shore Leaving open spaces to be filled by a benevolent Hand To hear a soothing Voice To see new horizons And savour freedom in the Silence. Mark 6:31

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Blinded by the Light

He splits the sky And stirs up the waters The mountains tremble Trees bow To His majestic wind Yet man can fail to see His wonders written In the stars And stumbles in his own created darkness Instead of seeing the  illumination of His brilliant light. Ps 78:10-17

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God’s Painting Palette

The sky seems permanently draped with blue/grey hues with no expected break When suddenly for no apparent  reason there is a streak of pink And  hope returns with unlimited possibilities as the palette is extended To include another realm. Rom. 1:20

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In the Pages of His Book

She found Him In the pages of His book. Pages perfumed by His presence Transforming landscapes of previous thoughts and preconceived ideas. All changed when she met Him. Nothing the same ever again. The sun shone brighter Each flower spoke And had a value Priceless to this keen observer Seeing for the first time. from Book of Poetry  ’33’

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Sometimes Sometime Is too late Or too vague For serious Promise keepers. Soon holds more hope. But Now! Now that is different Altogether. Hebrews 11:1

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Telling the Time

The breaking of earth heralds the fulfilment of the promise Yet there has been work going on underground and under cover to reach this stage. The eager gardener anticipating this waits watching Winter is no waste of  time. For some it is a time of dormancy. A rest. A respite. A time of replenishment. Preparation for the promise of new life. The early shoots are not the beginning. They are the result of waiting for the right time for the promise to emerge. Even the untrained eye cannot miss the triumph of the full bloom But to the keen observer it comes as no surprise. And each season is responded … Continue reading

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When Love Comes

When Love Comes Love comes quietly Softly, gently. Effortlessly. No fanfare of trumpets or trumped up emotion. Sitting on a solitary seat Not alone Staring at stars Shooting moonbeams Pursuing promises made by the Promise Keeper Waiting in wonder Certain He is waiting too Heart held hostage with one look. Knowing wherever is never a lonely place Nowhere always somewhere else. No journey too far No distance out of reach Love comes in whispers On  gentle fragrant breezes Seen through tear smudged windows By watchers waiting For clouds to part And silver linings to turn to gold. Hebrews 13:5/ S of S 4:9/

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Silver Strands of Silence

How simple the stillness of silence How difficult to detach, To divide time between here and now And eternity. To get alone to be in the company of those who inhabit the realm where we can be real. Known. No masks or guises No pretending No excusing No exaggerating. Honest to one’s self Honest to God! Feel the effort of trying Fall away. Trying to please Trying to fit a mould of someone else’s making Or the impossible demands of self expectations. To come aside To fall into the arms of One waiting and longing for intimacy. Where silence is the spoken language of Love. Matthew 6:31

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Smooth Stones

The stones David used in his sling were smooth stones. Rough stones are not so accurate! Each stone made smooth in the stream. As we Made smooth in the trials of life. Rubbing up against difficult situations Difficult people Chipping away at our rough exterior To reveal a gentler nature We dare not admit we possess Because we have been forced To hide it in protection Yet it is stronger than the toughest exterior.

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Letting Go

In order to be who I am I have to leave behind All that I have been. No longer holding Security blankets of familiarity. Hands free To embrace The pen that Draws a new horizon Sketching out a landscape Hitherto unknown In the outback Of imagination. Painting trees For pleasure Placing flowers In hidden crevices No one else would find Unless they too Are on the same discovery Discarding gold and silver For the Pearl.

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