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The Rights of Repentance

Isn’t it sad when people don’t know God  they think He punishes sin  so they steer clear of repenting or accepting responsibility  for wrong doing.  God doesn’t punish sin, He forgives it.  Repentance is all that is required.  Sin punishes itself.  Either we allow Jesus to pay the penalty or we pay it ourselves.  Sometimes  we are robbed of the peace of forgiveness  even when we have repented.  It usually means although God has forgiven,  we cannot forgive ourselves.  King David knew.  Ps. 51:17

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Surrender in the world’s eyes has a suggestion of defeat. It means submitting to the authority of another by conceding defeat. It usually means to lose! When God asks us to surrender it is by request not compulsion. With God one is given a choice. It still implies one relinquishes all rights to another, but this ‘other’ is no other than the One who has your best interests at heart. It is not to overpower you, but to empower you.  The Bible is a long story of submission. All down the ages the overcomes were those who submitted to the Father.  No one put more succinctly or dramatically than Paul … Continue reading

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The Greatest Gift

No matter what our reason for finding God, be it deliberate or accidental, He always turns out to be more than we ever expected. His loving kindness, His mercy, His grace exceed all expectations because no-one with the best will in the world has loved us as He does. His unconditional acceptance can soften the hardest heart. His love can heal  the broken hearted. His presence anchor the drifting soul. His forgiveness heal the sorrow of regrets. The people who need Him the most, most often run from Him not to Him. You have your own story to tell. Pray for an opportunity to share it. There is a  world … Continue reading

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