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Everything Money Can’t Buy

Heaven Transport free Mansion free Peace free Love unconditional Joy unspeakable ‘But’, you say ‘Nothing is really free!’ You are right It’s just you don’t pay. It cost  God  Everything He had  to secure your place. He gave His only Son Jesus. He paid the price in full! John 3:16

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The Language of Heaven

Have you experienced that battle  where the troubled mind  tries to unsettle the spirit? Your mind picks up on  the cares and troubles of the world. It tends towards magnifying the difficulties Sees only the impossible And if allowed Will stiffle the spirit and snuff out its life. But God! If you are His He will not allow this. Even if it may feel you are  hanging in on a thread That strand cannot be broken. His Word tells you so. This is the language of heaven. It is His love song The spirit is tuned into its passion. Ecc. 4:12/Rev. 14:3

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Protocol of Heaven

Prepare for the Protocol of heaven Whether a wonderful or wilderness season Now, Don’t settle. Keep focused On your eternal destiny. Prepare for The protocol of heaven. Be ready to adapt to change. Embrace it. Look to the distant horizon. Imagine. Romans 12:2

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Battle Cry

Awake sleeping Church to Sing. Worship is Your most powerful weapon. It demolishes darkness Confounds compromise And expels lies. Sing a prophetic Song Of victory. The battle plan from heaven Will surprise, astound And will not fail. Joshua 6:1-15

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