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The Garden

Are you tending your garden? Are you nurturing the seeds Planted by invisible hands Hand selected for you alone Entrusted to you to cherish A unique garden With God’s signature  But your name written all over it.  Have you been watching the weeds? Dealt with quickly you harm them More than they harm you.  Left unattended  They wreck havoc Spoiling the garden Damaging the display.  In my Father’s garden Not a weed in sight.  The Master Gardener shows the way You have His manual To follow through each season.  No excuses Yours should be a spectacular delight Inspired and fragranced From above.  John 15:1

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Battle Plan

We have weapons mighty in God. Are we using them? Are we entering the battle, fully armed in the knowledge the enemy we confront is a defeated foe, or are we believing his bluff. The Israelite army withstood Goliath by rattling their sabres. Both sides calling their bluff.  David advanced in the knowledge of who His God was, and what His promises were. He was not intimated by the enemy. He did not listen to his threats, or shrink from his size. He confronted Goliath in the full knowledge that he was not on the victory side. He had no covenant covering. David did. The battle was won on revelation … Continue reading

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Dispensation of Time

  The New Testament commandments replace the ‘Thou Shalt Nots’   of the Old Testament with ‘Thou Shalt’. Law versus Love When the law is  maintained out of love not duty. In Relationship not Religion John 15:14

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