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Q & A

‘Where do we go?’ asked the disciples when they were perplexed. ‘You have the words of eternal life.’ John 6:68 The disciples asked the very same questions we often ask today when we too are perplexed. What must we do? Where or to whom  should we go? The answer is the same now as it was then. The answer to both questions is the same. And all answers to all questions are found in The Word. Sometimes there is nowhere left to go but  The Word. Sometimes we forget The Word is a person. ‘And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.’ John 1:14 The disciples knew Jesus had … Continue reading

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The Journey of Life

For years I have done the Ludlow to Brecon run  and for most of the time I have eagerly awaited the first magnificent glimpse of the Brecon Beacons.  An iconic sight! Latterly and increasingly I have grown to love the Black Mountains.  They  run for some distance  of the journey. It makes me mindful of life.  Important to enjoy every aspect of the journey not just focus on the destination.  The early Christians were called ‘followers of The Way.’  Jesus said He was The Way. (John 14:6)  After persecuting the Followers, Paul joined them, detailing the why’s and wherefore’s of the Way (Acts 24:14) Wherever we go, our impressions will … Continue reading

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Are you receiving Me?

Are you receiving Me?  People who are hard of hearing often pretend they can hear!  People who don’t listen often miss the point  like people who are so busy thinking of what they are going to say  they don’t really hear what is being said.  Heb. 4:12

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The world is in turmoil, but those of us who are born again into the Kingdom of God, are only in the world we are not of it! So how do we view the world? From a spiritual view and dimension! As with thoughts of Israel the other week, so what about America today? You might think the Americans have little to chose from with the candidates for the presidential elections, but it is not about WHO they are, or how they are portrayed, it is about WHAT they stand for! Who comes closest to God’s agenda? How close do we come? UMMMM! The warning of Isaiah to Judah (Isaiah 1)  … Continue reading

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