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Get Set!

Get Set! The Bible is an incredible handbook for life. It is full of practical advice of what to do to be an overcomer. It places the responsibility of our lives firmly on ourselves. Not the blame shifting of this current age, but on our response to circumstances. We have all encountered difficulties, difficult people, difficult situations, distractions, ranging from extremely uncomfortable to horrific,  but regardless of the severity, the Bible teaches it is our response not the circumstances that sets the course for our lives. We are instructed to set our hearts and minds, to harness our emotions and be anchored in our spirits. Col 3:1-3 Since, then, you have … Continue reading

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Keep Looking Up

The weather changes constantly So do our moods As Christians we do not need to be governed By how it looks Or how we feel Even the  world says every cloud has a silver lining! We know in the Highest heaven God’s love radiates brighter than the sun. We know His Son brought that Love to earth And by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit We have something to tap into  that supersedes anything and everything  that would cause us to be downhearted  and encourages us to look up.  Luke 21:28

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Is your passport up to date?

Nationality You are a holy nation.  Do you identify with this nation of believers or your physical nation when it comes to Israel?  As more and more of her friends desert her,  it is the place of the nation of believers to bow to God calling out a people  who will honour His Word, His Covenant, His Covenant  People and His Covenant Land.   1 Peter 2:9

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Selective Silence

There is a place deep within Where external noises are drowned out by a tide of tranquility Washing away the flotsam and jetsam of everyday anxieties to some distant shore Leaving open spaces to be filled by a benevolent Hand To hear a soothing Voice To see new horizons And savour freedom in the Silence. Mark 6:31

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