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Unrequited Love

  For God so loved! He is Love. That’s who He is and what He does regardless of whether He is loved in return. Have you ever been in an unequally yoked relationship? Loving someone who doesn’t love you? Painful isn’t it? It’s like love has nowhere to go! It’s like the giver’s precious gift lies unopened and cast aside. No wonder the angels rejoice in heaven when one sinner repents and accepts the Lord as their personal Saviour. Love has somewhere to go! A channel is opened for a two-way love communication. Love hits it target and penetrates a softened heart instead of bouncing back off a hardened one. … Continue reading

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Building Bridges

  Sometimes it is not so much sin that separates us from God, but the sense of guilt and shame. How often we slip, even as believers,  and even though we know we can be assured of God’s forgiveness when we repent; grief, sorrow and regret can hold us in guilt and shame as we fail to forgive ourselves.  The picture of The Fall illustrates the pain of broken relationship. The sense of grief for loss in God’s cry ‘Adam where are you!’  Clearly God knows exactly where he is. This  is the cry of a deeper loss. Have you lost closeness with someone? With God? You haven’t lost them, … Continue reading

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With Unveiled Faces

The clarity of the Cross And all it accomplished Outweighs the confusion Of condemnation As light disperses darkness. With unveiled faces We behold a Saviour And all He saved us from So we can become All He intended us to be. It is a view from above. He reveals the image We take on its form Reject the paupers rags And walk in royal righteousness. Not in conceit. In faith. 2 Cor 3:18

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Sometimes Sometime Is too late Or too vague For serious Promise keepers. Soon holds more hope. But Now! Now that is different Altogether. Hebrews 11:1

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