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Its who you are, not what you do that is important. You might be chasing after recognition in giftings to gain your sense of worth and identity. But only one thing makes you worthy Its whose you are. Once His, in any unexpected situation The most unqualified can become qualified just by being available. John 14:26

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Rightly Aligned

Did you see God’s spectacular sky display with the partial eclipse of the sky? You would only have seen it if you were in the right place at the right time,                         fully prepared and equipped. Viewing without the recommended equipment, impaired vision,                                           and limited what was seen. 1 Cor 13:12

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Have you ever left an incomplete puzzle, crossword or sudoku, only to return to it to immediately see solutions that you couldn’t see when you abandoned it. Sometimes walking away from deadlock is the best move.

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Turning the Tables

Are you fed up of defending yourself against the accusations and attacks of the enemy? Have you ever thought this might be the wrong position?                                                     What about God as Judge,                                                                                                            Jesus … Continue reading

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The Perfect Diet

How diverse the body is and how necessary the diverse ministries God commissions. As with the natural body there are different needs. Proteins, Vitamins, Carbs! Taste varies enormously. Some fall off the sweet end whilst others are drawn to lip-pursing sour! Food is seasonal. We want comforting casseroles in winter, simple salads in summer. Likewise the body of Christ through the seasons of change. To begin, milk suffices, but on to meatier matters! Junk food costs more than its shelf price! Our bodies deserve the best. And not forgetting the all important water! We are responsible for our own health, body, mind, emotions and spirit, but there is an unlimited amount … Continue reading

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