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Your Burning Bush

God gets your attention. He reveals Himself to you. He makes you incredible promises That ¬†are so great you struggle to believe them. But He is insistent. I AM says I WILL You dare to believe. You challenge the enemy’s right to keep you in bondage. The enemy is enraged. He intensifies the pressure. It takes a power greater than yours or his To break the stronghold. ‘Behold He comes!’ He is the God of His Word. Nothing is impossible to Him. Whose report will you believe? If God’s, act on it! You have nothing to lose. Exodus 3

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Standing in the Gap

God promised Moses He would deliver His people from the oppression of their plight in Egypt. Exodus 3:7-8 Between the promise and it’s fulfilment there was a painful gap. Conditions became worse as Pharaoh refused to let the captives go, intensifying the conditions of their bondage. The children of Israel looked at the circumstances and were discouraged. They ‘lacked spirit’ 6:9 The painful gap is our testing time. The time between the promise made and the promise fulfilled if often a hard place. Our natural eyes see the difficulties. The stronghold grip tightens into a stranglehold which seems impossible to break. To all intent and purpose victory seems an illusion. … Continue reading

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