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Cause & Effect

To see behind the pain or bad behaviour is to find the reason not the excuse. Excusing sin allows it to retain its hold. Sympathy does not encourage change. To change behaviour a change of heart is needed. We search for love in all the wrong places. Seek to fill the love-void with anything or anyone When only One can feed the hunger and satisfy the longing. Don’t lead the lost to the god of sympathy and expect them to find the way. Lead them to the rock of Salvation the God of Compassion. John 1:29 (from Devotional ‘Revival” p. 13)

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One Call: One Way

Before You. Before they call You’re there for them. When they turn they find You’ve waited. When they bow You lift them up Before You. Is. 65:24 (from Devotional ‘Revival’ p. 2) (From

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We do not have to plead with God for Revival. He is well able and willing. His heart is that no-one should perish; that all should be in right relationship with Him to enjoy the benefits of Salvation. We are the determining factor. The conditions? Faith, Hope & LOVE! Never mind ‘God, do it!’ or focusing on the ones prayed for. We can’t share what we do not have. There must be a personal revival first. Revival in the land is when  personal experience is multiplied. This is what will impact the nations, as with the revivals of old and those that are happening right now! from Devotional ‘Revival’ p. … Continue reading

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High Minded

High Minded!  Set your mind on things above. All of your promises come from heaven. Faith is the vehicle upon which they travel from there to here. Col. 3:2 (From Devotional ‘Promises’ p. 5)

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